Beats By Dre Studio Wireless Headphones (Black & Gold)

I gave up using a pair of Sony noise cancelling headphones many years ago - recently I decided to pull them out and give them another shot - they were a pair that rested on-ear, and during a flight to London - after about 2 hours my ears just plain hurt and the noise cancelling was simply not very good - so I began researching out other possibilities... I had noticed a lot of people wearing Beats - and on prior flights I have gotten to use Beats QC 15.
I went to a Best Buy to try both Beats and these wireless Beats Studio out - although the noise cancelling was superiorly better on the Beats, Beats simply has no competing product to the Beats Studio Over-Ear Wireless. And in my opinion, the Beats actually did sound better.
As I read these reviews I was worried about this hiss, but it's not like a buzz or what not and I don't even notice it really. Especially with airplane noises or what have you. When watching a movie on a plane or listening to music - these simply feel very comfortable - sound great and block "some" of the outside world.
Over all for me - I really really like these. I am no DJ - but they absolutely sound so much better then the Sony I had, more comfortable then the Apple ear buds - and I simply love the wireless/wired option. I feel a little ridiculous wearing them - but they do look better then alternatives and I bought them for the sound and wireless option!
So for me, these meet all my expectations very well!

James B., 03/10/2017
£379.95 £239.98-37%