Beats Studio Wireless Straight Outta Compton

Before deciding to take the plunge and purchase this headset I searched tirelessly for a good review describing their use and durability in a gym setting, I never really found one. I knew beats made a sport type headset but it was in ear and I didn't want to compromise on sound quality, wanting the full experience that over-the-ear provides. I hope this review will help others trying to make that same decision. Beats Wireless has proven itself very capable of handling daily use in a gym setting. I use them 4-5 days a week. I will break this review into three parts; sound, durability, and ease of use.
The most important factor, and I have to say the sound is incredible. It really was like listening to my music for the first time again, which was an awesome experience. The headphones cancel outside noise very well, so I am isolated from distraction when in the gym. I find it easier to focus and increase my intensity when I am lifting while crisp, clear metal blasts my eardrums! Lows and highs are all crisp and defined, you will literally FEEL the base coming from these things. I should also mention that I have tried a few calls on the headset and I have been told I can be heard clearly without distortion, which is much more than I can say for other headsets I have used.
I should first say there are two things I do to care for my beats. First if they are not on my head they are in their soft carry case, ALWAYS. Secondly, after each workout I wipe them down with a damp paper towel, trying to remove any sweat from the workout. Doing this I have found no damage or wear on my Beats after 4-5 months of steady usage, 4-5 times a week. I notice that no sweat seems to get inside the ear cups, instead running down the flat surface of the cups, so the drivers seem to be perfectly safe from water damage.I have also noticed that the headset will play music for at LEAST 10 hours on a single charge. I get through 5 or more training sessions between charges.
The headset was very simple to pair with my phone, with no issues. Beyond pairing I just needed some time to memorize the different functions on the right cup to use them while on my head. Of course the lack of cords is invaluable in the gym with nothing to catch on dumbbells/equipment. Calls are handled easily from the headset by pushing one button, and both people can hear clearly. Another awesome feature is if the battery happens to die while you are using them, fear not! With the included cable they can be used as a wired headset even if the battery is dead, EXTREMELY useful feature for the gym. One thing i have noticed is when doing anything which requires laying on a bench I need to flip the headband down to the bottom of my neck or it will fall and distract me as I lift.
I would say this headset has proven itself more than capable of handling the rigors of the gym while still providing an incredible listening experience, I would recommend to anyone wanting the best music experience while at the gym, or anywhere for that matter. I hope this review will help others make that difficult decision I was faced with
-Incredible Sound
-Long Battery Life
-Exceptional Call quality
-Optional corded use
-Durable for gym
-Minor adjustments needed depending on position of lifts in gym
-Only available in one color!

AZ Abigail, 07/12/2017
£390.95 £259.95-34%