Beats By Dre Studio Wireless Headphones (Matte Black)

I really dig cool headphones...which is only fair seeing as I work in radio and have to wear them every day for at least 4 hours each day--generally longer than the average person, by a rather large degree. I've always been fascinated with not just sound, but good quality sound. It's been that way ever since I really discovered what stereo really was sometime back in the mid 70's (yeah, I'm old--get over it). Over my career in broadcasting I've managed to use any number of good, poor and fantastic headphones. Names like Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Beats, Panasonic, Phillips and more come to mind as models I have either owned or used extensively in my 22+ years in radio. I understand what good sound is, and the difference between that and great sound can be miles apart depending on what it is you want and need your headphones to accomplish.
Since the meteoric rise of Beats in the last 4-5 years or so has essentially not just brought quality sound to more people, but literally created a whole new category of headphones to choose from. Do my Beats sound good? Absolutely. Do they sound great? Well, this is where I'm going to get some flak, but in my personal & professional opinion, no, they don't. I can think of a number of headphones which can evenly match the Beats for bass quality--and yet will cost you less than a third the price. Face it, these headphones are expensive. Do they offer the bang for the buck you forked out, though? No, not even close. When looking for headphones however, I must admit that I look for a few things that not everyone searches durability for instance. Wearing headphones for long periods of time requires comfort as well. Sound is mighty important, but ranks 3rd in my list of what I buy, and may actually be MORE important to you than it is for me.
Let me break it down:
Durability: 5 stars. I believe that these phones are really manufactured well, and that is a very STRONG point for me.
Comfort: 4 stars. Good, but not enough for a full 5 stars and please keep in mind that EVERYONE'S head is different. What fits me perfectly may not fit you well at all. It is CRITICAL that you try them out in advance for this reason alone whenever possible.
Sound: 3 stars. Lots of bass? Yeah...but I need the entire sound spectrum, not just the low end.
Being an loveheadphone top reviewer has afforded me the opportunity to be exposed to a lot more products than I otherwise may be able to afford. People seek me out regularly and email asking if I would be interested in trying out their products in exchange for a fair review. That is how I came to own these Beats...otherwise I seriously doubt I could have been able to purchase them considering their price.
Being in radio I have noticed one major thing over the years: the pair of headphones that are worn the most by those in the business for 10 years or longer is without question, Sony MDR 7506's. By a margin of probably 8 to 1 Sony's really ARE the industry standard. They are also MUCH cheaper, which really IS a sticking point if you ask me. Great sound is one thing, but for the price, I know of several which will give you the same quality for a LOT less--experience counts.
Long story short, yes the Beats are good headphones. Built very well, and even above average for comfort--but for the price, I honestly believe these headphones are ridiculously over-priced. However, if you can afford them and absolutely MUST have a pair of phones that'll impress your friends, by all means go ahead and spend the extra $$.

Joan A Roberti, 09/09/2016
£329.95 £219.98-33%