Beats By Dre Studio Wireless Headphones (Matte Black)

I had a pair of studios when they first came out. Then I sent them back for a new pair that I never received. Cause the company moved . Then I bought my girlfriend a pair of studios and she loved them. She uses them when she is on her laptop. Then I bought the mixed. Great for me . Luv them. Now I getting these cause my bday was Wednesday and this is good for my collection. but i just recieved them today to find out that they sent me the old version of the studio and not the new ones like it says in the add or what the picture looks like. if i wanted the old ones i would of just ask my girlfriend for hers. but i wanted to get the newer ones that was posted like i wanted to spend money on putting batteries inside of a pair of headphones i didnt want.i paid for the brand new ones and i get an opened boxed old version pair of 2012 studio. common sense will that i know all my beats by now. had spent alot of money on them i know what i ordered. so please send me the right ones.

Mark A Plunkett, 03/15/2016
£329.95 £219.98-33%