Beats By Dre Studio Wireless Headphones (Black & Gold)

These are my first Beats headphones and an upgrade from my Beats QC15. I love my Beats headphones but I got tired of throwing away AAA batteries and I was looking for something with a little more bass punch and better dynamic range. I almost got the wired model but decided to get the wireless just in case it might be useful. I had low expectations but the audio quality over wireless is EXCELLENT - I can't tell the difference between wired and wireless. Compared to the QC15, I LOVE not having to deal with the cord. I used to always get the cord tangled up in my chair or blanket. When paired with my computer, I can keep the music going even when getting up for a snack or going to the bathroom.
I got the black headphones with red accents - looks great but if I had to do it again I'd probably get the matte black ones as the polished plastic is a fingerprint and scratch/scuff magnet.
Just plug in the included wire to essentially convert these headphones into the wired Beats Studio Redesigned headphones. The buttons on the left earpiece have different functions depending on whether the headphone is in wired or wireless mode. In wired mode, the center button disables noise cancelation and fades out the music. The volume +/- buttons do nothing.
In wireless mode, the center button disconnects Bluetooth when pressed once and the volume controls control the headphone volume. If you are connected to a music player or smartphone, you can double click the center button to skip forward, triple click to skip back. If you are connected to a computer, this does nothing. The volume buttons still allow to adjust the volume, though.
The battery lasts an entire evening of use (5-6 hours) in Bluetooth wireless with capacity to spare.
There are two noise cancellation modes - one for when the music is playing and another for when music is not playing. There is a pretty noticeable hiss when music isn't playing - as soon as music starts, the hiss cuts to almost inaudible. Is there any way to make it always be in the music ANC mode?
-Great audio quality, both wired and wireless
-Bluetooth wireless!!!!
-Look great
-Rechargeable battery
-Comes with a wired cord as well
-ANC hiss
-Others say they can wear these for hours -- I must have large ears; they hurt after wearing these for an hour or two. The foam pads are comfortable but I can feel my ear lightly pressing on the headphone speaker cover inside the pad. Do they make thicker pads to raise the headphone farther away from my ears?
-Fingerprints (glossy models)
-The price...

David B., 04/01/2017
£379.95 £239.98-37%